graduate program iconBehavior-Learning Disabilities M.Ed.

What you’ll learn

The M.Ed. major in Behavior/Learning Disabilities provides students with the depth of knowledge and breadth of skill in educating students with high-incidence behavior and learning disabilities (e.g., learning disabilities, emotional disturbance, ADHD, speech and language disorders and mild intellectual disabilities) required of a “master teacher.”

When entering this program, the student will already hold a certificate in special education based on an accredited college/university program or will complete the approved certification sequence prior to enrolling in master’s level courses. This advanced program emphasizes research-based strategies, effective pedagogy and data-based decision making.

Through this course of study, students will learn how to select appropriate curricula, employ effective methods of instruction, make assessment based decisions and utilize effective classroom and student management procedures. After students have finished this program they will be prepared to work collaboratively and exhibit the highest standards of professionalism while maximizing pupil learning and development. Please view the BLD Handbook for more details.

Course description and classes

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